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Attorneys Handling Trademark Disputes

A company’s intellectual property is among its most important assets. And among all intellectual property assets, trademarks are among the most valuable. As a business owner or executive, it is critical to work with an experienced team of intellectual property lawyers to protect your business’s trademarks and avoid being brought in on a possible trademark infringement lawsuit.

At McKown Bailey, our attorneys provide trademark representation for corporations and other businesses. Our firm represents clients in Orange and Los Angeles counties and throughout the United States. With a broad range of backgrounds, we take a team approach to provide broad legal protection for our corporate clients.

How We Protect Our Clients’ Interests In Trademark Law

We represent all types of commercial clients, including Chinese businesses in the United States market, in representation that includes trademark protection and compliance.

Trademark Protection

When a business client suspects another company of violating its trademark copyrights, our attorneys examine the evidence and the law to determine whether there is a viable claim. If so, we seek out the most efficient remedy available. In some cases, we can negotiate a settlement for damages or an agreement to discontinue using the protected trademark. A cease-and-desist letter, followed by a lawsuit if necessary, can also protect your copyrighted trademark.

Whatever approach we take to protect your company’s protected trademark, we always work to find the simplest, most efficient solution before we pursue business litigation as an option.

Trademark Compliance

In addition to protecting your own company’s trademark, it is critical to make sure your company is not violating the legally protected trademarks of other companies. Violating another company’s trademark could be extremely costly. In addition to possibly losing a lawsuit and having to pay damages, even the cost of defending against a claim of this kind can be extremely high. Further, in some cases, a company’s reputation in the marketplace is destroyed by accusations of this kind.

Our attorneys provide sound legal counsel for businesses in avoiding trademark infringement problems. Avoiding unnecessary litigation exposure is important to the bottom line of any business. Our attorneys represent American and Chinese companies in trademark compliance.

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With the complex legal landscape and potential pitfalls involved in trademarks, it is important to work with an experienced legal team. Call us today at 855-736-2720 or contact us online to discuss your legal needs with a lawyer from our firm.