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When Disputes Arise Between Partners Or Shareholders

It is never a pretty sight when a company has shareholders or partners in dispute, or when someone on the inside commits fraud or some other form of breach. Even accusations of this kind can tear apart a business. There is nothing more important for a business than to resolve a dispute of this kind efficiently and with discretion.

At McKown Bailey, our lawyers serve businesses throughout the United States in all types of internal disputes and corporate litigation involving shareholders and partners. The stakes are too high to try handling this type of dispute internally without the help of experienced legal professionals. We take a team-oriented approach, utilizing our diverse group of experienced lawyers to find comprehensive and efficient results for our corporate clients.

Types Of Disputes

We represent clients in a range of internal disputes that include:

  • Breach of fiduciary duty: Partners in a company all share a fiduciary responsibility. This means they are legally bound to avoid false representation, self-dealing to the detriment of the company and general fair dealing when it comes to the company.
  • Fraud: When a partner or shareholder misrepresents material facts in order to deceive, with the intention of making a profit on the deception, it is called fraud. There are many contexts in which fraud charges can arise, including securities fraud, embezzlement and self-dealing.
  • Breach of agreements: It is common to see breaches of the agreements among shareholders and partners. Among these are agreements not to compete in certain markets, agreements to maintain the confidentiality of intellectual property or agreements to maintain the confidentiality of certain sensitive information. Violating these agreements and committing other forms of tortious interference can result in major litigation among partners and shareholders.

These are the primary types of disputes we handle, and most shareholder and partnership disputes fall into one of these listed categories. But any type of dispute among the leaders of a business should be handled professionally and with discretion. Our attorneys find solutions for our clients.

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