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Attorneys Who Understand Your Business

At McKown Bailey, getting to know you and your business is the foundation for everything that we do. In our years of business practice, we have found that understanding our clients’ business is absolutely essential in informing our representation.

We represent small and mid-size businesses with legal needs throughout the U.S. with a specialty in assisting foreign nationals and companies navigate local legal systems.

Full-Service Representation For Local And International Business Clients

Our business and commercial law services include finding solutions for:

Our staff includes two lawyers from China who focus on helping Chinese companies navigate the legal process in multiple jurisdictions throughout the United States.

Fighting Isn’t Always The Answer

It is common for business law firms to tell potential clients that they are “aggressive litigators” or “ready to fight.” At McKown Bailey, we will let the facts of your specific case and your unique circumstances dictate our approach.

Pursuing litigation may be the right answer or it may be more prudent to negotiate a solution. We are not here to nickel and dime you with billable hours and drag out costly litigation; we are here to find creative solutions that protect your business, meet your needs, and achieve your goals.

Choose A Firm Who Puts Your Needs First

We look forward to helping your business thrive. Call 855-736-2720 to schedule a consultation with one of our business lawyers.