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Your Business Needs Smart More Than Aggressive

So many attorneys and law firms market themselves as “bulldogs,” the aggressive lawyers who will wage a bloody war on your behalf to acquire or protect every single dollar on the table. While this approach can be appealing to our most basic instincts, it is not an intelligent approach to helping a business remain successful.

The most important approach is the smart approach. In some cases, the smart approach is, in fact, being aggressive; but in many cases there are more efficient and effective ways to get favorable results.

At McKown Bailey, our attorneys provide exceptional dispute resolution services for clients throughout the United States. Finding creative and efficient ways to resolve conflicts is a key aspect of business law services we provide for clients, including the Chinese businesses we represent that are doing business in the United States.

Our legal team takes time to understand the totality of the situation and create a strategic approach to protecting our clients’ interests.

A Smarter Approach To Dispute Resolution

Our attorneys do not simply rush into a lawsuit. We take time to understand the problem, the nature of the dispute and our clients’ best interests. In many cases, there are more efficient ways to get to a favorable result.

Whether we are facing a shareholder dispute, contract dispute, dispute with employees or any international dispute involving a Chinese company, we consider all of the options, including:

  • Simple negotiations: It might be a surprise, but many cases afford the opportunity to simply negotiate a solution. It is never as simple as just calling the other company and working things out – usually both parties are represented by attorneys and something needs to be put in writing in most cases – but in some cases, courtrooms and official mediation sessions can be avoided entirely. This approach, when available, provides the most efficient means of obtaining a quick and favorable resolution.
  • Mediation: If a simple negotiation proves ineffective or unavailable as an option, we can take a slightly more formal route by using mediation or arbitration. These methods involve more formal proceedings with their own rules of engagement, but they are much less costly and time-consuming as litigation.
  • Litigation: While our approach is to use litigation only as a last resort, when litigation is the only option available, our lawyers are prepared to fight aggressively for our clients in the courtroom. By creating a sound legal strategy and covering every detail, we are able to obtain favorable outcomes in jury verdicts and judicial decisions in the courtroom.

Our attorneys understand that the stakes are high and that swift resolution is paramount to the success of our business clients. We are here to get efficient, favorable results.

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